The Benefits of LED Home Lighting

LED home lighting has been touted by interior and exterior designers for years now. The technology is finally here and the costs are finally starting to be in line with the benefits of replacing all your home and business incandescent and fluorescent bulbs with LED options.

Most people are used to the traditional yellowish color of incandescent bulbs creating a warmth in their homes. Over the past few years, ‘daylight’ colors of incandescent lights have become popular. The difference is that a traditional incandescent light bulb looks yellow and creates a warm glow, while the new daylight white (also called pure white) creates a more pure color that is intended to mimic natural outdoor sunlight.

Even with the advancements in LED light technology and color, incandescent lighting may still have place in homes and businesses that prefer a warmer, traditional glow that LED lighting does not yet completely mimic.

Fluorescent lighting options were the first viable energy saving lighting option and many people use them. They are much less expensive that LED options. However, fluorescent lighting can be difficult to dispose of because they contain mercury and are usually prohibited for disposal through municipal landfills without special handling being implemented.

Both of these popular colors are now available in LED versions and are available in either warm white or daylight white as well as a variety of common shapes and sizes including the most popular A19, or standard light bulb. They are also available in a variety of low wattage variants that emulate various incandescent wattages.

LED bulbs are available to replace just about any existing incandescent type and base size. So what are the benefits?
The are cool to the touch.
Because they do not generate heat, they help keep your home or business cooler during the warmer months of the year
They emit a clean light color and are available in warm white – to imitate the look of incandescent light bulbs or daylight white, which is a more pure light similar to natural daylight.
They are rated to last anywhere from 35,000 to 200,000 hours compared to a measly 1,000 hours for an incandescent bulb
They use as much as 90% less energy than their incandescent equivalents.
Some practical applications of LED home lighting might include:

task and reading lamps
stairway and stairwells
accent lighting
In short, the time is right to experiment with replacing your outdated home and business lighting technology with LED home lighting that will last seemingly forever, lower your energy consumption for lighting, lower your energy consumption for cooling and provide a more natural lighting experience.

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Various Benefits of Using LED Home Lighting

LED home lighting is already widely available in the market at present and is known to be energy efficient, making it an increasingly popular choice among homeowners. Even manufacturers have seen the potential of this type of low energy lighting and have started investing more in producing these items. In their pursuit of discount lighting, people who are looking to improve or brighten up their homes consider using LED lights. Aside from that, it is known to be friendly towards the environment and allows many homes to reduce their electricity costs. Many people have already realised this and replaced their incandescent and fluorescent lights with LED lighting. Here we will quickly discuss the different benefits that this kind of lighting can bring to countless homes.

A Brighter Option to Lighten Up the Outdoors

The exterior of homes often have fittings with incandescent light bulbs that serve as either spotlights or floodlights. However, these lights consume a lot of wattage that boosts the electricity bill. If replaced with an LED light bulb, the consumption will drop from 60 down to 5 watts. It might a little more expensive to buy this kind of fixture, but the long-term savings will benefit the household more than it cost them to buy the lighting. Aside from the savings, the amount of illumination that these fixtures can provide is far brighter than the lighting we are used to. There are even options to choose a different colour of lighting, for a more decorative effect.

A Good Way to Utilise Concentrated Lighting

In places where concentrated lighting is required, using LED light bulbs is a better choice. If there is a need to highlight an artwork on the wall, an indoor plant, a fish tank or a fireplace, an LED that emits low light would be perfect without ruining the ambience of the rest of the room. A desk lamp can contain an LED bulb and users can even choose from varying light colours, from white to the traditional yellow. Halogen lamps that currently reign for this purpose are known to emit a lot of heat and consume a lot of energy, increasing the electricity bill of every household that make use of these lights.

A Brilliant Investment that Lasts Longer

LED home lights are known to last about three times longer than the regular incandescent lights we have grown to use. This is why purchasing these is a very good investment. Despite the fact that the initial cost may be slightly higher than what most people are used to, the savings that can be earned from the reduced electricity consumption can greatly exceed the expense. Plus, the household can save on replacement costs since the LED bulbs last longer, minimizing the frequency of buying a new set of bulbs.

A Reduced Risk from Heat Damage and Fire

Incandescent spotlights are known to emit a lot of heat, making them less ideal to use for lighting valuable pieces of artwork over an extended period of time. In addition, the high temperature exposes the house to a higher risk of fire and damage to the wall or flooring above the point where it is installed. On the other hand, spotlights that use LEDs can light up a display shelf, a painting or framed portrait, or any other objects because they do not produce heat that can potentially damage these objects.

Decorating with Lights is Easier Than Ever

Because of the wide range of colours available for lighting, designers and homeowners can decorate the house using LED lights to create a whole new mood and ambience inside any room. The method of blending different hues of light can produce unique and vibrant effects that can change the entire feel of the room.

All these benefits can be enjoyed with LED home lighting fixtures. Not only will the home take advantage of having decorative lights that brighten up every corner of the rooms, low energy lighting also saves the family a lot of money in the long run. Those who are seeking discount lighting options can gradually go for this innovative way of lighting up their homes by replacing their incandescent and fluorescent bulbs with LED lights. The whole family can benefit from the safer and energy efficient light

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